[NAS540 AATB.5] Several firmware problems

The last firmware update just came around when I was in the middle a hardware upgrade from 4 disk RAID-5 (WD RED 3TB, which I broke up later) to an 1x WD RED 8TB (single disk, single volume named "storage2") and 3 of the WD RED 3TB now configured as a JBOD (named "storage1").
In this process I first installed the WD RED 8TB in a USB3 external case (NTFS formatted) to be able to backup my data from NAS. Later I copied the data back to the reconfigured disks in the NAS.
  • File Browser:
    Moving whole directory trees (several levels deep) from internal volume (EXT4) to external disks (NTFS) worked with AATB.4. Moving or copying back from external disk to internal disks (AATB.5) usually results in an error windows, directly or after a few seconds. It seems, some connected background process may still working longer for some time.
  • Storage Manager:
    Since AATB.5 the free storage is not reported properly (seems to be stuck, is gets not update anymore).
    I found no way to initialize a recalculation / update manually. Rebboting the NAS disn't help.
  • Windows File Share / Properties / Free Space
    Both volumes ("storage1" / "storage2") are connected via file share to my win10 pc, but the reported space (free, available) is the same for both shares (that of "storage1", stuck at the same data as in storage manager) which it isn't (7.22 TB to to 8.11 TB).
The file manager problem is a nuissance, because instead a copy internally without a network usage I had to use the pc at half the speed.

More important is the other point. At the moment I don't trust the NAS anymore because I don't know, what happens, when I fill up a volume by accident. Will it overwrite other data?


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    I have the same device with the latest firmware.
    But, I don't have these issues
    Maybe you can use SMART to check disks' status to verify it is healthy
  • sitro
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    For this kind of operation I don't use the File Browser (too much buggy)

    Rather I connect in ssh on the Nas and launch some linux commands like #cp src dest (copy) ; df -h (compute the space occupied) and so on. it is fast and sure and don't use the network (except for the ssh connection). this need to know the linux shell command

    I don't remeber how I got ssh on the nas , probably with the ffp package or metarepository 

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