What's your flavor? ownCloud Shared Folders vs Network Shared Folders

Emerald Dragon
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So, I finally looked into ownCloud and it looks nice. I like the concepts of files sharing. I am not sure how does it compares to the Network files share for the NAS structures thou. Especially the features and other security controls. But I do like the fact that it can be access anywhere using ownCloud app.

What is you guys/gals thought on this? Do you like Network Share Folder better? Or ownCloud Shares Folders? All inputs are welcomes. I am leaning toward using turning on ownCloud and moving everything over to it myself. And stop using Network Shared Folders as a whole.

Trying to make my network more efficient and usable to everyone at home  o:)   :D Yeah! I know, one of my kid will complaint "Why are you changing it dad? Blah, blah, blah..." I usually responded "To make it better honey..." ;)

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  • Wiasouda
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    ownCloud is preferred by me :)
    It's opensource and mobile APP supported.

  • Emerald Dragon
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    My thought exactly. Now I just have to convince my kids and my wife that. LOL! Well My kids anyway, my wife doesn't use it much.