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I have a Zyxel NSA 320 that I've been using for years.  It's configured with two 2TB disks in a RAID configuration.  I'd like more storage.  What is the maximum size disks that this unit can accommodate?  It's currently running firmware version 4.62, but I've downloaded 4.75 and can upgrade to that if necessary.  Used with Windows 10 systems.


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    I have a NSA325 and am running a 14TB HDD successfully.
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    Thank you.  But those numbers are for NSA325 and 326.  Do these limits apply for the older NSA320?

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    As you may know there is one important limit in harddisk sizes, 2TiB, the size beyond which the classic MBR partition table can't address sectors. For bigger disks GPT is needed. So the question is, does the 320 support GPT partition tables? The manual doesn't mention it, but the release notes bundled with firmware 4.70 say in 'known issues': HDD greater than 2TB can’t migrate from JBOD to RAID-1. So GPT is supported.
    I'm not aware of any practical limit for disksize in a GPT supporting Linux system (which your 320 is), but there is a filesystem limit. The used ext3 filesystem doesn't support filesystems bigger than 16TiB. So using disks >16TB is not useful. 

    You probably won't be able to migrate your existing volume to a bigger one, using the disk-by-disk strategy, as the firmware clones the whole disk. If the current partition table is BMR, it's not possible to enlarge the partitions afterward.

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    Hurh! I came through earlier yesterday and I couldn't give any recommendation because the maximum hard drive size had been met. And now I see 2 post with recommendation other than what the OP needing help on. Thanks @Mijzelf for coming in to correct the problems and give some guidance.

    @Blues - You have your answers with Mijzelf's comments

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