Multy U keeps disconnecting

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I need some help with my Multy U setup.
I bought 2 Multy U nodes and set them up via ethernet backhaul. They are also close enough to communicate via wifi (potential interference) but it's faster via ethernet. The distance between them is about 10 meters but there's a thick wall in between.

Every few minutes I lose internet connection (wifi stays connected). This lasts for up to a minute and then works again normally.
I also see my pc frequently switching between the 2 nodes. I know this is happening because I see my signal drop to 1 bar and then back to full.
So far I tried:
-Disconnecting my NAS from the access point to eliminate it as potential cause
-Setting my wifi adapter on pc to only use 5G
-Unplugging the ethernet connection between the nodes and just using wifi

The also seems to be present on my smart tv.

Any tips on how I can fix this or just take it back to the store?



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    Dear Sir,

    If there is a switch connected between the Ethernet backhaul connection, please avoid any other connections on the switch except the two Multy nodes.
    The switch cannot share the network to the end devices when it uses as backhaul connection for Multy.
    Please refer to the link:

    Regarding your issue, 
    1. Your issue may relate to the device roaming. May I know the location for your Multy, and the PC, Smart TV.
    2. Does this issue more often happen in the same area?
    3. Please try to connect your Extender Multy with Ethernet backhaul, and move the Extender Multy further from the Root, it can reduce the conflict area which may cause the device to keep switch the AP.

    Best Regards,
  • blazer
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    I do not have a switch. Nodes are connected directly.

    The locations are:
    Root Multy and modem are located in a cupboard in my office.
    All other devices are mainly used in the living room which is where the extender node is located. The distance between the 2 nodes is a bit less than 10m.
    Smart TV is 20cm away from extender node.
    PC is located somewhere between the 2 nodes but is closer to the extender. There's also a wall between PC and root node.
    I believe the issue happens more often on my PC than other devices.

    Unfortunately I cannot move the nodes much because I have them strategically placed so they are not visible.

    Also important to point out that I had no issues with my normal (non MESH) router. I only switched to Multy U because I wanted wider coverage.

    Any other suggestions? Any firmware updates/downgrades I could try?
  • Zyxel_Eric
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    Due to this issue may relate to the PC will switch the connection between Root and Extender.
    The behavior will depend on the selection of your devices.

    The best way is to move the extender a bit further from Root.
    Or you can try to move the PC to a different location of the room.
    It will also worth to try, moving the Root out of the cupboard.

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