Can I extend my Multi X system to my mews house across the street?

I need to extend my Multi X system to include the little mews house across the street.  Is this possible with the Mini extender?

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  • PeterK
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    It will depend on the distance and the environment between your main house to the little house.
    You can run the below test to see the wifi quilty from the main house to your little house.

    1. Separate the 2.4G and 5G wifi SSID.
    2. Connect 5G SSID on your phone and a laptop in the little house.
    3. If you can connect the 5G SSID, please run a Speedtest on "" on your phone and laptop. If the speed is what you expected, which means the connection should be work, and the second Multy should be work on your little house.
    4. You can also check the wifi strength on your phone
       1) download the WiFi analyzer:
    Wifi Analyzer:
       2) Access Multy App >> Menu Bar >> Diagnose >> WiFi signal

    However, if the phone or laptop cannot connect the 5G SSID, which means the wifi signal may not able to reach the little house.

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