Mapped drives lost if i restart PC

I have mapped multiple drives in my NAS 452 + couple of external drives also. X: Y: Z: Etc. I have ticked the box from Zyxel app. (Reconnect at Windows login). My computer looses the tick in the box and i need to configure it new every time. Frustrating when having a media server runing the drives and i do not remember what was the original drive letter!!! Do you know how to set settings to keep the drives/tick in the selection box on???

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  • Scofield
    Scofield Posts: 18  Freshman Member
    I've been using my NAS as network drive for quite some time, never have such drive letter issue. 
    Seems to me it's not related to the NAS, perhaps there is certain system restore mechanism on your PC?

  • Emerald Dragon
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    Did you selected auto reconnected for your network drive?

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