Multy X Reboots 1-3 times a day

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I have an issue from the first day of use. Every day, 1-3 times a day my Multy X reboots. At least all devices lost its wi-fi connection to the router, application on iOS can not connect to it. Also, white LED on the Multy X is blinking for about 1-3 minutes. Moreover, after wi-fi is up two TVs (LG and Samsung) can not reconnect to the wi-fi themselves. I have to reset the network connection on TVs and connect to the same wi-fi again (choose the wi-fi network name and enter the password). It's annoying.

I have a configuration of one Multy X + one Multy Mini. Overal number of devices about 25-30. Also, both Multy devices are connected via ethernet cable.

Please, give me advice on what to do to fix the problem.

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    Dear Sir,

    Please send feedback from your Multy App, and we can clarify your issue from the log.

    Best Regards,

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