mounting nfs from ubuntu client "Device does not exist"

I am trying to mount an existing and exported NFS share on my NAS540 from an Ubuntu client (within the new Windows 10 v2004). I am able to mount from a Fedora client (VM) without issue. Here is my mount command for the Ubuntu client (IP is xxx in this example but real IP I use is valid)

 sudo mount /home/ham/landfill

Error message is:  "mount.nfs: No such device"

Have researched on my own but come up empty handed. Suggestions?

Thanks in advance for taking a look.

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    from an Ubuntu client (within the new Windows 10 v2004)

    You mean you are using the 'Windows subsystem for Linux'? I don't think you can use the Linux userland tools to mount an NFS share. The actual mounting is passed to the kernel, but it's not a Linux kernel. Use the Windows tools instead.

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