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There seems to be a bug with the Multy U, I've set it up in Bridge mode and every once and then it goes back to NAT, this is particularly annoying as I have control rules based on the IP addresses at the level of my router. Does anyone else experience this problem?


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    Yes I have experienced this
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    Please provide more detail for us to clarify this issue.
    1. How do you know the Multy has switched from Bridge Mode to NAT Mode?
    2. Have you checked the IP of your devices? Are they 192.168.212.X when you check the IP of devices?
    3. When Multy switches from Bridge Mode to NAT Mode, it will blink orange, then solid white, and reboot. Hae you ever noticed the Multy glow orange before it switched to NAT Mode?
    4. When you noticed it is on NAT Mode, you have to switch the Multy back to Bridge Mode on Multy App. In this setting, did your Extender Multy disconnect from Root, and turn red for few seconds when you did this config?
    5. Can you provide the detail behavior of the LED on your Multy when the issue happened?

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