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I have bought two Zyxel Multy Plus divices.
I want to install theie in own two floors house.
On each floor I have cabel connect to Internet access.

Can I make one WiFi network with two access points Zyxel Multy Plus, at the same time, each of the routers will have its own Internet connection via cable?

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    You can install your two Multy first, and the second Multy will be wireless connected to the first one.
    Then you can switch them to Bridge Mode, so the traffic will all from your Modem.
    Next, you can take the second Multy to the second floor, and plug in the Ethernet cable which can access the internet to the second Multy. With this topology, your two Multy should able to work.

    Modem----------<First Floor>-------<WAN>First Multy
    Modem----------<Second Floor>---<WAN>Second Multy

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