The root multy U displays red X

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In bridge mode, 1 root and 2 extenders on one site.

Suddenly, root multy U displays red X,  2 other multy Us in the same site work fine without red X,  internet network still works, only slower response but shows no degrading internet bandwidth.  Since the network works fine I don't know when the root started to show red X. 

As part of trouble shooting, remove WAN cable from root(node1), node 2 and 3 show red X; putting WAN cable back to root, node 2 & 3 start  to work fine but the root multy U still displays red X. 

Why is the red X displayed on the root while the internal network & internet connection still work?

Also, how can I schedule reboots of those mesh nodes, such as weekly or daily? These scheduled reboots may fix the red X problem? For example, if I power off and on node 1 this problem will disappear and reappear in a few weeks.


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    Dear Sir,

    In Bridge Mode, each nodes will detect internet access. If the root cannot access internet, then the extenders which connect to Root will turn red after few seconds.

    Please provide below information for us to clarify your issue.
    1. What is the network topology of your Multy.
    2. Do you connect them with Ethernet backhaul?
    3. Please connect a PC to the root when the root displays red LED. can it access internet?
    4. Does this issue happen since you use the Multy U? when is it?
    5. Please replace another Ethernet cable connect to the Root Multy.
    6. Please send feedback from your Multy, and we can check the internet status.

    Best Regards,

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