Login impossible after FW upgrade on NAS326

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After upgrading the Firmware to the latest Version today, it is no longer possible to Login to my NAS326 via Webinterface. Great Job. Whats going on there and how can I Access my device?


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    What IP did you set for the NAS? static one or DHCP?
    Maybe the IP changed after fw upgrade.
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    If you are able to access the login screen but your password is no longer accepted and you get only 'login failed'-message then the most likely reason is that your password contains some special characters that were allowed in the previous firmware versions but not any more in the current one, like exclamation mark. To get around this press and hold the reset-button behind the device until you hear one beep and then release the button. This resets the admin password to default 1234 and you can log in again. But be careful not to press the reset button too long - just enough to hear one and only one beep - otherwise you end up clearing all settings on your nas (after 5 seconds that is).

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