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My LTE3316-m604 has POOR 4g/LTE speed compared to TP-link TL-MR6400, whitch doesn't even support CA,. I use the same sim card(T-star, Taiwan) at the same location. Do I need external antenna to get better signal? Or do you have any upgrade at firmware? 

Your website says it support "Zyxel LTE Ally", but i didn't see anything about LTE3316-M604 in the app.
By the way I'm using iOS.

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    If I have to buy external antenna, what kind of antenna should I buy? 
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    Good, now I can't even connect to my chromecast which works fine on my previous AP( or even on my phone-shared wifi). And I found same issue on this forum but no one seemed to have it solved.
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    Hi FADATSAI , Zyxel LTE Ally is under development, it notice on the bottom of Zyxel LTE3316-M604 specification web page.(https://www.zyxel.com/tw/zh/products_services/4G-LTE-A-Indoor-IAD-LTE3316-M604/specifications)
    When you buy the external antenna, you should check if the external antenna support the frequency bands same as LTE3316-M604, and buy the external LTE/3G antenna SMA male because LTE3316-M604 has two external LTE/3G antenna SMA female connector.

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