NAS310 in raid1- internal hard disk is down, how to change this disk

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I run my NAS301 with an eSata (external HD) in raid1 function.
Now my internal HD makes terrible noises like click, clack,.....So it seems that this internal HD is just before crashing.
I want the replace this internal HD to a new one.
My question now is how to do.
Can I easily remove this internal HD and build in a new one with a following data resynchronizing?
Or do I first have to install the external eSata-HD into the NAS housing and can than carry out the resynchronizing?

Could somebody give me an advice?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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    Well, having a backup is always important. You shouldn't wait until all redundancy is lost.

    Having said that, the 310 is a strange beast in the ZyXEL stable. You can use it as 2 disk NAS, but also as single disk NAS with an 'external' disk, in which case it accepts foreign filesystem.
    Technically you should be possible to swap the internal disk, and use the '2 disk modus' of the NAS to re-add redundancy to your array. However, I never looked at the 310 firmware, and I have no idea how the switch between modi is implemented. And so far as I trust ZyXEL firmware, I'd put the external disk inside, as it costs nothing and might prevent a lot of unpleasantness.

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    I think you may move eSATA HDD to the internal one and use the new HDD for eSATA.
    Better to backup data to another place before the resynchronization. 
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    Hi Edwardc,
    thanks for your answer.
    So I learn from your comment that you aren't sure about the procedure, are you?
    But you may be right, first to backup the data.

    Can anybody else, give me an advice?
  • hak
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    Hallo Mijzelf,
    thanks for your explanation and advice. I think I'll better follow your advice.

    Thank you all again for the whole informations.

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