transfer HD from NAS 325 to NAS542

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I cannot mount my NAS 325 anymore due to windows 10 policy. I tried changing the security protocol but still not working. So i plan to buy a new NAS. The question is: can i transfer my old working HD to the new NAS without data loss? If so i would prefer to get 2 new HD to at to NAS (2bay to 4bay) and change to raid 5 , is that possible?



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    As far as I know, 325 and 542 are using different filesystems.
    You may have to backup your data first and reorganize them on new NAS.
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    The 542 won't accept a 325 disk as 'internal' disk. Yet it is possible to mount it manually from the command line (over ssh). In which case you can copy the data manually to the internal volume.
    So you might be able to create a degraded 4 disk raid5 array (with 3 disks, and so keeping one slot free), put in a 325 disk, mount it, copy data over, and finally add that disk to the array, adding redundancy.
    Yet I don't know if the firmware will allow you to create a degraded raid5 array.

    And I'm not a fan of big raid arrays. Especially not when you don't have backups.

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