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These are my findings after I installed my Multy X with one node a couple of days ago.

If I had known the limitations of the management app I probably never would have bought the Multy X. Although the Multy X performs well on speed and connectivity,  the options to manage and configure the Multy X can use a lot of improvement.

Below some remarks I h1ven on the Multy 1pp :
- the app is running very slow, even when just changing a name of a connected device, I takes a lot of time to update the information
- it does not seem possible to list connected devices based on the SSID they're connected to. It would be great for example to list or identify devices connected to the guest network. Now you have to go into the details to verify the IP range
- When I try to remove a device, the app icon keeps spinning but nothing is happening, the device (which is not connected at that time) is not removed and no error is shown
- An option to remove several devices in one go would be helpful or an option 5o schedule an automated clean-up for example for devices connected to the guest SSID
- When I set a filter to show the devices sorted on their name for example, the filter is not held, when you reopen the app you have to set the filter again
- It does not seem possible to set the DHCP IP range
- I can't find an option to limit access based on MAC addresses
- I can't seem to link an existing Multy to another management device. For example, I installed the app on my tablet and configured the Multy from this tablet. If I install the app on my smartphone to use this also to manage the Multy, the app starts the setup wizard from scratch. I don't see an option to connect the app to an existing/running/configured Multy
- There is also no security to access the app, it does not require a user id and password just open the app and you have access
- There is no option to disable the DHCP and use another DHCP on the LAN or use only fixed IP's
- There is also no option to disable DNS and use another DNS on the LAN

These are my first findings which I encountered during my first days of usage.
On top of that I also ran already into some technical issues but I will create separate post for those.

I don't know if some or all of my issues and questions were already posted before, I did not search for every comment yet because I find the search function of the forum confusing. When you search for a keyword, all replies within the same topic in which the keyword is found are shown as separate results sorted by date  instead of one result. So you end up opening different results to find you just opened a reply to a topic you already read.

Sorry I'm sounding rather negative but I do find that most of the remarks are basic things which are present in all other routers I already used and I expected these ase a minimum to be available on the Multy X.
Lesson learned, do not only read the usage reviews but also browse the forums to look for common issues and comments before buying something.

Thanks for staying with me to the end of my first post !
And thanks even more for any comments or even better, solutions for my remarks ! :-)



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    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for sharing your user experience, and the advice for Multy.
    1. The slow response time and unable to remove devices from the Device list.
    User can manage their Multy device from everywhere as long as the App is able to access the internet. To achieve that, Multy App relies on the cloud server to provide the data from your Multy device. However, the performance on the App may be affected by the network speed and the data transfer from the Multy. If you have trouble removing the device from the list, please try to close the App, and switch the network connection on your phone, then try again.

    2. Guest wifi Client List
    Multy App can select the connected device by its Device Type, Device Name, Last Seen Online, Online Device, and the Guest WiF Device on the Device List.
    Please click the top-right icon to sort the type on the Parental Control Page. You will be able to check the Guest Client List.

    3. Limited Access
    You can set a Parental control Profile to limit access timing of selected devices . And this setting is base on the device mac-address. 

    4. Cannot manage Multy on different phones
    You can sign up our Zyxel account to pair with your Multy Site. With this setting, you can login the account on another phone with Multy App, and manage the Multy on it. Note: do not config the Multy in different phones at the same time, it may cause the config error due to the confliction.

    5. Sort device list setting will switch back to "Device Type" after reopen the App.
    After the App closed, the device list will back to "Device Type." It can provide all the device information again, otherwise, user may miss the device information due to the sort setting.
    However, the sort will keep in the same setting as long as you didn't close the App.

    Delete multiple devices in the same time in the Device list.
    Remove the Guest wifi devices automatically
    Security lock on App,
    DHCP settings
    DNS LAN settings
    After our discussion, we don't have plan for those features in future release.
    Your understanding will be appreciated.

    Best Regards,

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