Multy X printing issues

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Since my printer is connected to the Multy X print jobs are not sent to the printer anymore.

Initially I could print several jobs but now my jobs are stuck on my laptop.
Have the same issue on several devices on the network.
Printer is connected to the same IP range and is reachable because I can access the printers webpage and ping it from my laptops.

Already restarted printer, laptops 1nd Multy X but did not solve the issue.
Also tried several solutions for Windows printing issues and ran the Windows troubleshooter but nothing seems wrong on the laptops.

Any suggestions to troubleshoot this on the Multy X ?



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    Dear Sir,

    1. May I know your Network topology?
    Please also provide the connection and the location of your Multy and the Printer.
    2. What is the model of the Printer?
    3. What is the IP setting on your printer? Do you set a fixed IP on your Printer or a DHCP client?
    4. If you are able to access the webpage of your Printer, the connection should be working. 
    Will it possible to connect your Printer to the Multy with wire?

    Best Regards,

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