NAS542 - Dropbox authorization failed

birkooo Posts: 3  Freshman Member
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I'm using Dropbox Client (6.7.0zypkg002) on NAS542 (V5.21(ABAG.5)). A few days ago, folder sync stop working. I was trying reinstall package, but when I tried to authorize my dropbox account, folder sync configuration fails. I double checked authorization code .. it's correct. Maybe some changes with Dropbox API? 



  • Penny
    Penny Posts: 65  Ally Member
    Did you use Basic Dropbox account? or upgraded recently?
    As I know, Plus / Professional accounts are not supported by NAS542.
  • birkooo
    birkooo Posts: 3  Freshman Member
    I'm using basic dropbox account
  • KevinZE
    KevinZE Posts: 27  Freshman Member
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    You can check the dropbox log from the below path, it can help you to clarify the reason for this fail.
    tail -f /i-data/sysvol/The_Share_folder_for_Dropbox/.dropbox_log

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