Multy Mini as a third node

simritdave Posts: 2  Freshman Member
Newbie here with probably a simple question.  My hub/incoming router is at one end of my property, to this I have connected my primary Multy X.  
I have successfully connected Multy X 2 wirelessly to the primary. I now want to
connect a mini in my workshop at the other end of the line to complete my coverage. 
I would like to do that by wirelessly connecting to Multy X 2   However hard I try, I can’t work it out. 
So to recap Primary connected to hub With Ethernet cable and working, secondary connected to primary wirelessly and working. I want to connect a third in line Multy mini By wireless to secondary.  How do I do that please?
I am a newbie, I’m a bit of a technophobe so please use words of few syllables and not lots of acronyms. 
Many thanks in advance the help I desperately need. 


  • TonyC
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    I just did this an hour ago!
    I purchased an additional multi x and got a free mini.
    I connected the Multi X in the garage simply swapping it for an old gigabit switch so it was connected by ethernet cable to the rest of the network. I then used the App on my phone and took the option to "add Multi" and gave it a name. Be patient it can take a few minutes.
    I then took the mini down the garden and plugged it into the mains and repeated the process.
    Everything found itself, the two new devices downloaded new firmware.
    Thats it really.
    I now have 4 Multi's and a Billion Router, which also has WifI so I have 5 access points.
  • simritdave
    simritdave Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    I figured it, thanks. I needed to flick the daisy chain option to avoid the mini trying to go back to base.  Its connected throUgh node 2 now which is how I wanted it. 
    Thanks for your comment though. 

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