Zyxel Multy X and Virgin Hub3

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I am wondering if anyone here has setup Multy X with Virgin media Hub3.
I am looking for the best way to do so.

I got some information from the virgin community and although it looks correct, it looks a little generic though and i wanted to check on here about any specific for the Multy X.

Apparently i put the virgin hub into Modem Mode and then restart, making sure it came up in Modem mode for 5 minutes, then attach the Multy X and follow the setup. It seems simple enough but wanted to make sure there are not gotcha's.

I had a look here and can find snippets of information but no full setup.

Any help is appreciated.




  • T_ZyxelUK
    T_ZyxelUK Posts: 11  Freshman Member
    just for anyone else as i found details a little harder to come by than other infor when looking online.

    Thanks to gary_Dexter over at virgin community for pointing me in correct direction


    I put the Virgin Hub into Modem mode by going to the setting page and flicking the switch. Simple enough.

    Restarted the Virgin Hub and waited for PURPLE light.

    Plugged Zyxel Multy X into port 4 on Virgin Hub.

    Connected into the Zyxel Mutly X app on my phone.

    Powered on The Multy X until it showed a (dark blue) Blue flashing LED on top.

    Followed the Multy X app for the rest of the setup.

    (just had to make sure i didnt connected to another wifi i had at the house, as that seemed to confuse it the first time).

    Seemed ok but I rebooted everything after that and got a connection ok.

    Once setup it is easy to add another Multy X using the app.



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