LTE2566-M634 not working correctly in roaming

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My LTE2566-M634 in connecting to wrong providers in authomatic mode and for this reason there is no internet. I live in Finland and have Elisa as provider and when I visit Estonia, it keeps connecting to Telia network instead of Elisa Estonia, which is the only allowed network since it's the same company. And there is no internet, if course. If I select Elisa manually, it keeps it for a few minutes and internet is working fine, and the connection falls back to Telia. My guess is that there is a bug in firmware. Could you confirm that?


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    I have sort of similar problem with LTE2566-M634 and Elisa in Finland. I have Saunalahti as provider which is using Elisa network. Location has very strong Elisa 4G signal in LTEband20. Internet is working excellently 15 to 60 min before suddenly dropping out. Nothing special in display or logs. Only way to recover is to reboot the device.  Not sure what is the root cause but there is Telia mast nearby using also LTE20. Tried several things, no luck by manually allowing only Elisa and Saunalahti. I finally got some stability by disabling the LTE20 band with all other bands and leaving only LTEband3 active making device to connect Elisa farther away. Connection seems now stable but it is only 3G ..ugh.

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    Yes, forgot to mention, it prefers 3g in roaming. There is definitely something wrong in firmware. 

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