Poor speed from Multy Mini?

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I recently setup 2x Multy X and 1 Mini and have a similar speed to what i had with my ISP router when close by on wifi.
The signal is stronger than the ISP router in rooms that are futher away and that was the main reason for a mesh purchase. I switched the ISP into Modem only mode.
I think though that i am getting slower speeds than i think i should.
I know that is subjective and I know there are factors such as electrical devices and walls etc but I am not that far away. Even when i hard wired, i was getting the same or slower speeds than just wifi.

When all on wifi the App tells me the speed from the main node to both Multy X and Mini are nodes are around 400Mbps from and back to the main node.
When i hard wired the mini the main node to mini dropepd to below 100Mbps.
It tells me it is a operating at 1000Mps connection in the mini connection screen but the main connection is only 98Mbps in the app going down to the mini. Going back is 850.

Have i set something up wrong?

So on my 500Mbps connection i get 250-300 in the app test for both Multy X from internet
the mini only gets me 90-100 when on wifi but when hard wired it is less...only about 70-80

I have actually switched it back to wifi as that seemed better with only the 850 dropping to 400 or so.

if anyone can help it is appreciated.

Is there an issue with my hard wired. The homeplugs are TP600, so expect a better speed that 100 or am i being niave to think  i can get more than what i am getting.
Am i better sticking to wifi and if so, shoudl i agte mroe than the 100?

both the second Multy X and Mini are in the floor above the Multy X root at opposite ends on building. App advises the position is perfect.

Current setup is:
Multy X Root-> Wireless -> Multy X
Multy X Root-> Wireless -> Mini

hard wired i had 
Multy X Root -> Wireless -> Multy X
Multy X Root -> Switch -> Homeplug -> Homeplug end -> Switch -> Mini


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    The wired speed on Multy Mini may affected by the home plug.
    Do you check the Spec of the Home Plug? will the port be 100M?

    You can try to connect a PC to the the second Home Plug, then run the speedtest on your PC. The speed should be around 100Mbps as the Mini get.
    Plus, the performance of HomePlug powerline produce will be affected by the environment.

    So I think the better way is to use the wireless connection on Multy Mini because the location of Multy Mini can have a fine performance on wireless backhaul as you mentioned.

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  • T_ZyxelUK
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    Well i will be...

    I just checked the specs and it is indeed set to 100.

    I should have checked that the ports were set to that before even attempting. Guess that what i get for not looking close enough. I thought it was Gig port with 300 up and down, because 600 was the advertised.

    Time for a new homplug set.


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