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I have set up my modem in bridge mode, and connected it to my Zyxel Mesh (multy x). I used the app to port forward to port 25565 (minecraft), opend windows firewall to that port. I also tried turning off windows firewall. The pc that has the port forwarded is connected with cable to the multy, but I also tried to use wifi. Same result.
When I try to ping the port, it is closed. What am I missing?


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    How do you set your Port forwarding rule, can you share the screenshot of your port forwarding rule?
    How to you ping the Minecraft server?

    You will have to select your Device IP which is your PC, and set your external and internal port as 25565 to create the Port forwarding rule. Please note, the IP of your PC will be different when you connect Multy with wifi and Cable.

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