Can the Mini be wall mounted?

T_ZyxelUK Posts: 11  Freshman Member
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I know the Multy X is a desktop preference but the Mini has some screwholes, so wondered if this can be on the wall...or ceiling?



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  • KevinZE
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    You can mount it on the wall with the screw holes. but you will have to make sure the spot is able to get the signal from your Multy X before you actually mount it.
  • T_ZyxelUK
    T_ZyxelUK Posts: 11  Freshman Member
    thanks for the response Kevin and whilst i understand about making the connection good due to positioning, i understand that, for example, the Multy X cannot be wall mounted due to the positioning of the antenna. (from anotehr thread in this forum and response via Eric)
    I was wondering if this Mini was the same, assuming it could be wall mounted because of the holes,  but wanted to check if the mini was the same as the Multy X.
    Hoping it isnt as would liek to try and position correctly.

    Cheers T

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