Multy U - Ethernet backhaul with switches, can other devices access network?

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Regarding this article, I was slightly surprised to find that when creating ethernet backhaul via a switch, that other devices will then not be able to access the internet/rest of intranet when connecting to the same switch.

Can I ask about a couple of other proposed topologies, where the Multy will be in AP/Bridge mode, to see whether my intention will fail?  Does the backhaul have to be entirely seperate to other network traffic?

I am trying to achieve adding the 3x wireless mesh from the Multy U's, but using the existing cable networking that is already there that devices are already connected to.  (And with the Multy Us having ethernet backhaul rather than relying on wireless).

1. Main plan:  Each of the 3x Multy U's is connected individually from a separate spur off either a router or switch (nothing is chained off a Multy - all 3 are terminal nodes).  I would expect this option to also work with Multy X + 2x Multy mini's - is that correct?

If that won't work, what about:
2/3. Multy U Root connected to existing router.  Ethernet from the same router (OR the Multy U Root) -> Multy Extender 2-> Switch 2 -> Devices + Multy Extender 3 -> Switch 3 -> Devices.

4. If necessary (e.g.. if Multy Extender 3 cannot be chained off the Switch 2), each Multy Extender 2+3 could have separate (star) connections to the Router / Multy Root, with a switch -> devices coming off each separately (no daisy chaining).

Thank you for the advice to know whether any of these will work.


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    Dear Sir,

    Multy U support Ethernet backhaul, however, the backhaul connection cannot co-exist with the connection with the end devices.
    And the Extender will require the connection with the Root, even they are in Bridge mode.
    Regarding the First plan, connect all of the nodes to Router, and set them as individuals.
    This should be work if the Multy are on NAT mode.
    However, if they are on Bridge Mode, the Multy will not be able to work normally, due to one Network can only have on Root, and it will cause the system crash.

    Neither of the topologies that you plan will able to work normally.

    You can try to connect them as below topology, it should be work.

    Best Regards,

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