Mobile router Zyxel LTE2566: Not able to connect to a network when abroad (roaming issue)

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Hi there!

I am experiencing some problems with my mobile router Zyxel LTE2566. In my home country (Switzerland) everything worked perfectly - I inserted my SIM card of my domestic provider and the hotspot provided me with mobile internet. However, now that I am in Italy, I have problems using the same (Swiss) SIM card. I switched the „roaming“ option to ON on my zyxel router, and it gets cell covered from the Italian provider, but the internet doesn‘t work. Furthermore, the router also frequently disconnects when I am in the router settings („device disconnected - please check network“

Anyone an idea how to overcome these problems? Do i need to set an APN manually? I am having a SIM card from the same Swiss provider in my mobile phone, and there everything works perfectly.



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    Hi eltorno , you can try manual APN to see if improve the problem.
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    Hi Mia. Thanks for your reply. I already tried to manually set the APN, didn‘t help :(

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