NSA320S 100% CPU Usage

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I'm using this NAS, but it's constantly at 100% CPU usage. Sometimes I can't even access the web portal and my folders, probably because it doesn't have resources to load them. I can ping it, but I can't access anything.
Rebooting doesn't help. It goes back to 100% after a couple of minutes. I use it only as a ftp and a windows share. 
I tried to disable some of the features I don't use, like Twonky Media Server, iTunes Server, Download Service, Web Publishing, Dropbox, Time Machine, Auto Upload, but that doesn't fix it.

I have two 500gb disks in Raid1. They have 16gb free space and are healthy.
Firmware version is V4.75(AANV.2)

When I press on cpu info I see this:

No. 1python97.1
No. 2zyshd2.9
No. 3ksoftirqd/00.0
No. 4events/00.0
No. 5khelper0.0
No. 6async/mgr0.0
No. 7kblockd/00.0
No. 8khubd0.0
No. 9kmmcd0.0
No. 10crypto0.0

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