Experiences with XGS1210-12 Managed Switch??

I just bought one of these for a home virtualization lab setup.

I have a NAS server with 2 1gbps connections and a lab virtualization server with the same. I have a hardware lab firewall to separate the lab from my main home network and a port for my laptop.

I have found it to be a good fit so far. The VLANs, trunking and link aggregation are what I was looking for. It couldn't do what it does with much more simplicity so for anybody with a limited grasp of switched networking it is a good product.

I just hit my first limitation. I wanted to increase the MTU on a VLAN to 9000 bytes from the standard 1500 and that doesn't seem to be possible. That old 1500 byte setting comes from back in the days of 56kbps modems, 1.5mbps T1 links and 10mbps shared ethernet when it took a relatively long time to send 1500 bytes over a link. I am sure the silicon can support the 9000 bytes so hoping to see an update or somebody hacking on the device to make it possible. There are some jobs like virtual machine creation, booting, moving from hypervisor to hypervisor that require huge quantities of data to be moved and this is done more efficiently with frames that are six times bigger.


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