NAS326 Upgrade HD and keeping old files

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I am trying to upgrade my internal HDs on my NAS326. When I remove the internal HD and connect as external USB, I cannot access it(it shows as unformatted). It is not RAID, it is just a simple volume. Is there a way that I can connect an internal HD as external to copy the files to the new installed HD?


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    Even if you configured a 'simple volume', the NAS puts a single disk raid array on it. To be able to mount that, you'll have to assemble it.
    Assuming you have one internal disk, the external disk will be sdb. On a 326 the data partition is the 3th one, so that is sdb3.

    Assemble the array:
    mdadm --assemble /dev/md4 /dev/sdb3

    When that succeeds, the array is either automounted, or you have to mount it manually:
    mkdir /mnt/mountpoint
    mount /dev/md4 /mnt/mountpoint

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