How to change WiFi channel on Multy X

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Since ZyXEL in its infinite wisdom decided not to let the user select a WiFi channel, you have to resort to the following trick if Multy X decided to choose an unfavourable channel.

1.You need another WiFi access point right next to you do NOT want the Multy X to be. Place this access point right next to the Multy X root node.
2. Reboot the Multy X root node.
3. Check the channel with an app (e.g. WiFi analyser).
4. If the channel selection is satisfactory, disconnect the access point and keep it somewhere handy, as after every reboot (e.g. after power outage) the channel selection is reset.
5. If the selection still doesn't work you need TWO access points set to channels you don't want the Multy X to be.

Note: this only applies to 2.4 GHz channels. 5 GHz seems to select the same channels (44 and 100) no matter what.

Thanks to this trick I have better coverage in and around my house.


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