Does the multi WSQ50 support MER option 61 login?

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Hi, I have been searching for ages and have not found the answer. I have the multi WSQ50 which I used to use as my main router with virgin media (hub in modem mode). I have just moved to a sky broadband area and wish to carry on using the multi. From what I have read I will need a new modem which would then mean the multi handles the login which is done through MER option 61. Does the multi support this? I don’t want to be spending money on a modem (vigor 130) if the multi is not compatible. Thanks 


  • PeterK
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    As long as the Multy can get an IP from the DHCP server, and the DHCP server is able to access internet, then the Multy will be work fine.
    But the Multy cannot work as Modem, so you better just get a Router/Modem and connected it to Multy on its LAN.

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