One of my multi X is giving a strange issue: BLINKING WHITE, RED EXCLAMATION MARK IN APP ETC.

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So I have 5 nodes of MULTY X in my house. One of them recently has been showing a RED EXCLAMATION MARK in the app and when I go to it it says: "CHECK POWER CONNECTION THIS MULTY IS OFFLINE" but the power is on! Then the exclamation goes from RED To ORANGE suddenly and the white light starts to blink. WEIRD AGAIN. Wonder what the issue is. And now suddenly when I do a SPEED TEST FOR ALL, my download speeds are showing but my uploads are not even registering and I have a blazing fast connection. Somebody please help! 


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    Dear Sir,

    Sorry for the inconvenience, the Diagnose speed test problem is a known issue, but it will not affect your actual connection speed.
    We will release firmware before the end of November to fix this issue.

    Regarding the disconnection on the node,
    Base on your description, the node may have a weak connection to its uplink Multy. When the node has a weak connection, the App will display the orange exclamation mark to inform the user to move the node closer to another node for a better connection.
    The disconnection on the node may due to the weak signal.

    Please check the location of the node, and place it to a spot that can get a better connection with other node.

    Best Regards,

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