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I have a 1 GBPS internet connection...

However when doing a Speedtest through the Speedtest application on my iPhone, my average speeds around the house on Wi-Fi is between 200-250 MBPS... present it is all at default settings with daisychain switched on. 

I want to know if daisy chain is a better option for me when on or better to switch it off? 

Attaching some speeds and screenshots so you can advise me how to optimise and get better speed on Wi-Fi. The Speedtest screenshot is hard wired to a multy on Lan.  

Also I’m not very good at interpreting the speeds in the multi X app... Would be nice to get an overview on that as well if possible. would be nice to get an overview on that as well if possible

Thank you so very much


The speed test is on my Mac which is hard wired on LAN with one multy Node  



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    Please reply. I’m really confused about which setting to use.

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    Dear Sir,

    Daisy chain option on Multy App will not affect the performance of your Multy devices.
    The Daisy Chain option will allow the third node to connect the second node when the third node cannot scan the signal from the Root as below topology.
    Root ----- second node------third node.
    KB fro Daisy Chain: https://kb.zyxel.com/KB/searchArticle!viewDetail.action?articleOid=016848&lang=EN
    However, if you disable Daisy Chain, all of the extenders can only connect to the Root, which means they will focus to connect as Star topology.

    Regarding the Diagnose page,
    The page will provide you the information on all of your nodes.
    you can see there are five blocks, and the first three are the internet speed on each node.
    and other two blocks are backhaul speed rate from node to node.
    However, that information is only for reference, the actual connection will be affected by your environment.

    Best Regards,

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