What can be wrong with my Multy Plus?

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The backhaul is very unstable. It has been like this from day one, but now it is worse than ever.

The backhaul, when it works as expected, gives an average speed down and up at about 550 Mbit/s. The problems sometimes start after a few hour, or a day or two. Satellite starts leaving and reconnects. Speed is decreasing to about 120 Mbit/s. Location/signal strenght goes from perfect to weak/too far away, but the actual location is the same as always.

I restart the slave. Sometimes I restart both slave and master. Sometimes a restart gives me perfect speed and location and everything works just fine for some hours or days. But most of the time restart does not solve the problem.

After a few restart, the app suddenly says the Multys are too close, but bachaul speed is perfect. Some time pass by and the location goes from too close to perfect. Shortly after the signal goes to weak. Backhaul speed goes down the drain. Satellite leaves, connects, leave again and my tenants starts complaining.

Full reset. Full new configuration. Location is perfect. Signal is perfect. Speed is perfect. The backhaul works as expected. Then it fails. Always. It is just a matter of time. Time as in hours. I know it is going to fail when it suddenly says the multys are too close then they are too far away and they keep being too far away until I restart, reset, restart, more restarts all over again.

Different modes does not make a difference Standard NAT mode or bridged. Same sh*t anyway.
Speed-tests normally takes seconds, but when backaul start decreasing, a single speed test between the to nodes can last forever.

I expect this fault is due to a hardware problem. If it is due to firmware, then others should have experienced the same type of unstability.

Så what could be wrong with my Multys? Anyone?


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    After hunting high and low for a solution, I finally got a tip. Old Google chromecast without updated sw can create a lot of frequency interference trying to connect and without being able to do so. And guess what? I do have one of these old noise transmitters in close proximity.

    I did the following:
    1. Disconnected the chromecast.
    2. Relocated master Multy.
    3. Relocated second Multy.
    4. Powered it all up again.

    Works like a charm.

    Well, I got this advice saying the second Multy is too close and I should move it further away. I choose to ignore the advice, because backhaul speed test now has an average speed of more than 600 mbps and the wifi coverage and speed for the clients have never been better. But most important: Mesh backhaul is now stable. At least it has been stable today. And if there are no post from me in this thread for a day or two, that means the Multys did continue to be stable.

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    Seems that 5G radio channels in backhaulstop working. Bachaul speed drops to about 150 Mbps and app says "Multys are too close". But backhaul still works, but satelite keeps leaving adl joining in 2 minute intervals, then suddenly stay connected for hours, but at slow backhaul speed.

    Exstremely annoying!

    Well, they are only half a year old and under warranty. Replacement or refund seems to be the alternatives....
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    Dear Sir,

    Please send feedback from your Multy App, and we check your log to clarify the issue.

    Best Regards,
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    No new issues. Problem solved.

    Lesson number one learned: Interference can destroy any good wifi network.
    Lesson number two learned: A decent system log is vital for fast error detection and problem solving.

    Selling a system that have noe local error logging and not even a local web interface, is a major drawback. Zyxel Multy fails on that part.

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