NAS540 Cant upgrade firmware

Proffsjonny Posts: 2  Freshman Member
Hi! I have a NAS540 with firmware V5.04(AATB.0). I have tried everything to upgrade the firmware but it dont work, always get the message "Invalid firmware file". Is the NAS damaged or is there anything i can do? Best regards Jonny.

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  • Mijzelf
    Mijzelf Posts: 1,579  Guru Member
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    Do you have a volume >16TiB? In that case you can't upgrade. Else try the oldest you can find. ZyXEL offers 5.11 for download, 5.10 would be better. Starting with 5.10 a new kernel was introduced, which had big impact on the upgrade process. So I can imagine you can't make a single jump from 5.04 to 5.20.

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  • Proffsjonny
    Proffsjonny Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    Yes i have a v.olume >16TB. Tried with firmware 5.11, didnt work. Then i tried with 5.10, that worked fine! Unfortunately all data disappeared from the discs, fortunately i have a complete back-up. Now im up and running firmware 5.21. Many many thanks!
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