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Bare with me, networking isn't my strong side, so I might have missed something obvious. 

I'm trying out the Blue Iris (cam nvr) software, and I'm setting up web server. I've port forwarded and can remote access from outside just fine. 

LAN is a different story. I can access from host computer, but no other devices on the LAN network. 

The problem is I'm using Multy X in Ethernet Backhaul. I set up DMZ, but with no luck. I tried putting the Multy X is bridge mode, but didn't have any luck either. 

Any suggestions? 


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    uwvid Posts: 4  Freshman Member
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    Ok, solved it. In Blue Iris software the LAN IP address was pointed to the wrong device for some reason. Pointed it to my Blue Iris device and it worked. 

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