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Hi - I have a Multy X system (fairly newly installed). Seemed to work fine for a couple of weeks, but has started to intermittently drop the connection. Seems to restore itself after a couple of mins otherwise need to unplug the primary router and then seems to reconnect again. It is feeding off a BT Hub (with the BT hub light showing blue indicating the connection outside in is ok). Any help in fixing would be appreciated..

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    Dear Sir,
    Please provide below information for us to clarify your issue.
    1. Do you mean the primary Multy will drop the internet connection sometime or the second Multy X?
    2. Please provide your network topology.
    3. Try to change with a new cable connect to the WAN port of Multy.
    4. Please send feedback from your Multy App, and we can analyze the log to clarify your problem,

    Best Regards,

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