Temperatureproblems with NAS 542

Hello and sorry for my bad english. Our german forum is down an I hope to find a litte bit help here.

While tranfering a bigger part of files the harddisktemperature rises up to 60 degrees.  I´m using Seagete Ironwolf NAS HDs. But I dont´t think they like it.

The NAS is clean, no dust inside, standing free, the fan ist working. I don´t know what to do, to get the HD´s cooler while longer working.

Do you have a good idea?

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    I don't think 60 degrees is a problem. According to the specifications an operating temperature of the drive case of 70 degrees is within spec. When the disk reports 60, the case temperature will be lower.
    If you still don't feel comfortable about it, you can increase the fan speed. Here you can read some pointers. I didn't write it there, but using the disk temperature in a fan regulation script can have a nasty side effect, it keeps the disks from spinning down. So just increasing the fan speed could be the way to go.

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