What kind of speed should I be expecting?

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Hi. Just installed  a couple of Multy X units and Multi Mini. My speed test (fast.com) used to max out my internet connection at 400Mbps with my Zyxel router. Now I get about 300Mbps. I've split the bands and am connected to the 5Ghz. Any tips for a new user?

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    Well, it's got worse. Literally a quarter of the speed I had straight from my Zyxel router on its own.
  • PeterK
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    The speed that you got on your phone will be affected by the node that the phone connects.
    The screenshot of the speed on each node seems nice, but the speed to the Bedroom does slower than other nodes. So you might consider relocating the bedroom, and closer it to your first zyxel. 
    If you are connected to the Bedroom(is that a mini?) the performance may not be as good as other zyxel.

    TBH, I think the throughput on each zyxel is quite nice. However, if you expect  400Mpbs on all the zyxel, that might not be realistic consider in a wireless connection, plus the mini is only a Daul band AP.
    You can consider connecting all the zyxel with Ethernet cable to each others, it might provide you a much fast wifi connection.
  • homelody
    This speed is much faster than mine. I think this is perfect. I just can't stand me.
  • Newbi
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    Interesting stats. Peter above has good advice. Another simple test is to swap the two satellite units around, keeping same setup and location, and rerun. 
    Also, out of my personal interest. What would would the performance look like if the units were daisy chained? 

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