Zyxel LTE5366 LTE connection lost

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I have a brand new LTE5366 LTE router that I'm trying to use here in Sweden with the network operator Telia. However, the device is quite unusable in it's current state due to stability issues, the network connection (or at least the possiblity to send/receive IP-packets) is lost about once a day and the only way to recover is a power-off/power-on cycle. Is there any other firmware available apart from the official release (V1.00(ABKA.0)C0) that can be tested?
Another issue is the built-in dynds.org DDNS client that constantly fails to update the registered IP-address (a timeout error is seen in the log), is this a known problem?


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    Very unstable and lose internet connection a lot! Also always reset to 1970 at every restart (very annoying since I have a "Router rebooter" to automatically reboot when conenction is lost). Also in Sweden but with Three...

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