I try to see my allready existing Xyxel in my APP - but I can´t see them. The APP is just asking to install new Multy´s

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    Dear Sir,

    Please kindly help to respond to the following request below to clarify your issue.
    1. Please kindly provide your network topology?
        What type of multy device are you currently using Multy Plus,Multy X, or Multy U?
    2. When do you install the Multy APP?   
        After installing the Multy APP do you ever clean the cache or remove the APP? 
        Do you ever register an account on multy APP? 
        If no, when the APP is deleted, the site is not going to be found on the APP.
    3. What do you mean "The APP is just asking to install new Multy´s",
        Can you share the screenshot or record a video of the issue?

    Best regards,

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