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Brian Hall
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am considering the purchase of a Zyxel NAS542 four bay unit and populating it with either 6TB or 8TB drives on RAID 6. I have been trying to figure out just how old this device is before purchasing and how long Zyxel will support it. Does anyone have any insight as to its age and or if there is a newer version on the horizon?

I currently have an old Zyxel NSA325 with 3TB storage on RAID 1 (mirroring) which I have been relatively happy with. It uses the Twonky Media Server, as does the NAS542 which is important to me as that server works fine with my LG TV.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone is able to offer.



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  • Mijzelf
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    I have no inside information, but I *think* ZyXEL has stopped it's NAS adventure. The latest model so far is the 542, which was introduced in the beginning of 2016, maybe end 2015. It has had firmware updates until september 2017, and since then only bug- and security fixes.
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    As long as they will continue with bug- and security fixes for a long while I'm happy because I think security updates are the only thing needed for this one. The nases are already powerful enough for storage hardware wise and software is also "good enough". I have extended the software by installing Entware (and NextCloud).

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