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I've problems with the ethernet backhaul function.
I've connected my 3 multys via wifi - this works. Then I've created a port based vlan on my switch for the ethernet backhaul of the 3 multys.
I've turned off the switch - connected LAN from the main multy and the 2 WAN ports from the other multys to the switch - and turned the switch on again.
The multys are working but the backhaul is still 100% wifi.
I've also already restarted all multys. 
On the LAN port of the main multy is no traffic. Neither outgoing nor incoming. 

Is there anything else I've to configure? 
Where can I see in the App if the ethernet backhaul is "running" or not? 




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    Dear Sir,

    To clarify the issue, here are some questions that need your response.
    1. What are your multy devices, are they Multy X, Multy U, or Multy Plus?
    2. What is your network topology, can you draw a picture of it?
    3. What kind of model is your Switch?
    4.  Except multy devices, are there any other devices connected to the Switch?
    5. Can you provide the steps how do you reset the multys?
    6. How do you check the backhaul is 100% connected to wifi?
    7. To check the ethernet backhaul status, here is the  reference step to check the status below 

    Best regards,

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