Zyxel PLA5456 is not functional

Good afternoon,

I have the following problem .

I have a Powerline Adapter from zyxel the PLA5456. Also from November a router from zyxel. But currently I still use a Fritz Box Router from AVM. Yesterday evening I set it up and the Zyxel Powerline Adapter was displayed in the Fritz Box, then I plugged in the second adapter one floor up, so the internet did not work and now no Zyxel Powerline Adapter is displayed in the Fritz Box.

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    Dear Sir,

    When PLA connected to each other, HomePlug light will show as green or amber,
    If it is blinking, it means the PLA is communicating with another powerline adapter.
    And the device PLA5456 needs to connected to each other in the same circuits.
    If they're not in the same circuits, PLA cannot connect to each other.

    To check if the PLA is working fine, please reset and reconnect the power line adapter. 
    To reset the power line adapter, please press the encrypt button on the adapter over 10 seconds to reset it to the default settings.
    After reset, please plug two PLA on the same extension cord and check if the adapter work.

    By the way, how does the PLA appear on your Fitzbox, can you have a screenshot or record a video of it?

    Best regards,

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