NSA 210 Initialisation Problem Invalid Firmware Message

Malcolm_Sharon21 Posts: 2  Freshman Member
My NSA210 had a red hard disc symbol indicating that the disc was faulty. My PC is windows 10 OS
I have tried to install an new 1 TB drive and then get the NAS to run. I have formatted it with one partition NFTS
I already had the NAS Starter utility loaded and can explore and find the NAS when I move on to run the initialisation wizard I get into a problem I use the standard DHCP DNS option and move on it sets the network. I move on to step 2 which is to locate the firmware to install. I have this saved in a known place (410AFDOCO.bin) click the initialise hard disc option. I get the warning that this will erase all of the previous on the dive and proceed and get to about 30% of transfer firmware when I get an Invalid Firmware box and the process stops. Can't get screenshots of this to work.

Really would appreciate some help with this

Thank you

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