Can no longer access NAS540 using Win 10

I have been able to map network drives to my NAS540 in the past with no problem Now all I get is "An error occurred while connecting S: to NAS540/Video.  Microsoft Windows Network: the network name cannot be found, This connection has not been restored." I don't know why this is happening and am looking for assistance. Have rebooted NAS540 several times to no avail. I can also no longer connect to the NAS540 via Microsoft Edge using admin and password. Simply goes on and on saying it is logging in but never does. Would greatly appreciate any help from the group.

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    Can you ping the NAS. Do the network light near the network connector show activity when you unplug and plug the network cable. Does it show up in the client list of your router?
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    Can you ping your NAS from your PC?
    Try to check the IP address of the NAS from your Router. and if you cannot see the IP on your Router or the ping cannot work, which means the NAS might not able to get the IP from your Router.
    You can try to reset the IP/Password of your NAS by pressing the reset button for 2 seconds with one beep sound. Then the admin password will become 1234.

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