NSA 325v2 red led

Fra Posts: 2  Freshman Member
Hi everyone, I have a zyxel 325 v2 with 2 WD RED 3Tb HDDs in RAID 1 mode.
Yesterday it started crashing while i was browsing through the folders and the nas showed a red led.

When accessing on the web menu, no message or anomaly appeared. I still ran a disk analysis and this is the result:
e2fsck 1.41.14 (22-Dec-2010)
/dev/md0 has been mounted 297 times without being checked check forced.
Passaggio 1: Verifica dei nodi di ingresso, dei blocchi e delle dimensioni
Passaggio 2: Verifica della struttura della directory
Passaggio 3: Verifica della connettività della directory
Passaggio 4: Verifica dei conteggi dei riferimenti
Passaggio 5: Verifica delle informazioni del riepilogo di gruppo
/dev/md0: 276139/183115776 files (7.2% non-contiguous) 431213655/732441310 blocks

after further blocks I then turned off everything.
Today I restarted the nas and I see this situation: new synchronization in progress at 3.6% (while until yesterday it was 100%, as always).

The LEDs are currently all green.
Finally, as further information, for some days I have been scanning photos, about 100Mb each file, which are saved directly on the NAS.
Was there a data loss?
What should I do?

thank you!


  • lodiabai
    lodiabai Posts: 120  Ally Member
    Seems your volume has degraded, you should check the health status of your Disk.
    If there is some faulty on your Disk, your data might be in danger.
    You should backup your data first, otherwise, the data might lose if something goes wrong.
  • Fra
    Fra Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    thank you! suggestions on which programs to use to evaluate which disk is not working? I'm WD RED in RAID 1 mode
  • lodiabai
    lodiabai Posts: 120  Ally Member
    For a degraded volume, if it can be fixed, I think you can replace the faulty disk and repair the new volume.

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