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I replaced two 3TB drives using Raid1 with two 6TB drives in my NAS326. After successfully replacing each drive and repairing/syncing, I'm now trying to expand the volume to the full 6 TB. How long should it take in general? I'm at about 20 hours right now and while the storage manager says "expanding", there's no other indication of progress.  Does anyone know if this is normal??

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  • lodiabai
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    In my experience, expanding the Volume from 3TB to 6TB, this kinda huge expansion might take 50~60 hours to complete or longer.
    However, how do you expand the RAID1 from 3TB to 6TB? as I know, in RAID 1, we will have to switch the first 3TB disk to 6TB, then it requires few days to repair. next is to switch another 3TB with 6TB disk, and the Volume will change from 3TB to 6TB, but the status on the Volume will also display with "Repairing", but not "Expanding", it might also require few days to repair.
    Plus, the interface will show the progress status of the repairing on the "storage manager", and the "Time leave". Isn't there a progress status?

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