NBG6515 timing out for 1 second couple times a day dropping all connections

NBG6515 drops all wifi and ethernet connections at random intervals for a split-second, multiple times per day. Youtube/Twitch and Online gaming stops, then restarts. I tested the ethernet connection directy to the internet modem for 1 month, bypassing NBG6515 and I had no issues.

I did master reset on Zyxel and did not fix.
I did firmware upgrade today on Zyxel and did not fix.

The log on router site, does not show any anomaly/event in last two hours though I just had the network connection flicker and kick me of Twitch and gaming.

How do I fix this? Do I just throw away the Zyxel router and get another brand? Seems like I have tried everything. It flickers the connection and then continues as if nothing, but ruins online gaming, and connection that need to be constantly consistent.


  • Hill
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    Have you ever check the log on the NBG6515?
    Do all of the clients under NBG6515 have the same disconnection issue?
  • Codeflowd
    Hello, It seems i have the same issue with my NBG6515. At the moment i am using my the 
    V1.00(AAXS.9)C0 firmware.
    So it seems when i do online gaming in the 5GHz Wi-Fi the connection drops out. Windows 10 just shows no connection and it takes a few seconds for it to come back available again. This is very weird. I did a reset pressing it 15 seconds and setup the router again. Something seems to be wrong with it i am not sure what's going on.
  • ikubuf
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    What games are you playing?Playing other games would have the same symptom?
    Maybe the issue only happens on Windows but other device works.

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