NSA310S no longer visible / accessible via PC

My NSA310S is no longer visible / accessible via my PC. My Samsung TV still sees the NAS and I can still play video's from the NAS on my TV, but if I want to upload new photo's / video's from any pc or laptop in my network I cannot find my NAS. When using the Zyxel Nas starter Utiliy it says the NAS -status is 'DOWN'. Resetting the NAS didn't work. Any ideas?

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  • Keroro
    Keroro Posts: 12  Freshman Member
    Maybe your PC  is not the same network with your NAS.
    You can put your NAS and your PC under the same IP subnet and check it. 
  • bezbota
    bezbota Posts: 7  Freshman Member
    Maybe your TV is using network device name and you are using IP address directly? After IP address change TV would still work because it uses device name.

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